Our main service is to cover your pump and motors, chemical feeders, valves, and above ground plumbing leaks.
Our plans start as low as $475.00 a year. Depending on size of pumps, how many pumps and how many chemical feeders are on your swimming pool.
We have a very unique maintenance program for all of your swimming pool cleaning needs.
We  offer free counseling Monday through Friday on maintenance issues, unacceptable pool service, chemistry problems, leaking swimming pools and heating problems. We also work very closely with the Palm Beach County Board of Health and we can advise on any Board of Health issues.
We also repair fiberglass pump rooms that are in need of repairs. Such as new hinges, lid repairs (fiberglass work) and new lid supports.
We can also offer information. We have many years experience with swimming pools, renovation such as resurfacing tile work, leaking pools and lighting problems.
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